Badger Switch Slider Silver Fut J in JR out

Badger Switch Slider Fut J in JR out silver


The Badger Switch is a Solid State switch designed for powering flight control systems in small and giant scale aircraft.

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Badger Switches utilize and Open Frame design to save weight on the overall switch.
Badger Switches have minimal voltage loss due to the fact that main current flow is not going through a set of switch Contacts.
Badger Switches Rated for 13amps of current, most mechanical switches are only rated for 5amps.
Power “ON” LED indicator.
Mechanical switch incorporates a Ridged Paddle design which requires force for the detent to pass, this in turn gives a positive feel for switching ON and prevents the switch from vibrating into the OFF position.

The Badger switch is 3/4″ tall X 1 3/4″ long, mounting hole center points are right at about 1 1/2″ wide. This makes the badger the same size as a JR SuperSwitch or a MPI style switch. It was designed to be a drop in replacement for holes already produced for those switches. Connector Specs Connector Max “RATED” Amperage 3 Connector Type JR / Futaba Electrical Specs Max Amperage 15 Max Voltage 13 Operating Voltage 0-12 Quiescent Current Load 80 microamps

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