Fromeco TNC Tachometer

Fromeco TNC Tachometer


Fromeco TNC Tachometer

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Processing: The FROMECO TNC’s “brain” has been totally revised, incorporating current microprocessor technology for 0.05% accuracy and improved functionality. Durability: FROMECO has re-engineered the tachometer’s packaging. The FROMECO TNC fully protects the sensor element, has an integrated battery compartment, and is more resistant to damage. ON/OFF control: The FROMECO TNC uses slider switch to turn the tachometer. High RPM hold: The revised tach displays both the current RPM and the highest RPM attained. There are 5 significant digits for each measurement, for easy reading. Upgraded components: The new TNC uses an upgraded sensor element, easily capable of obtaining RPM measurements at 6 feet under most lighting conditions. The components have been upgraded to surface mount technology, for reduced size and better durability. For 2 and 3 blade Propellers only.

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