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JR – JRPR03495 – RG831BP 8CH Power Bus DMSS Receiver

  • Infinity receiver main unit (1)
  • RA01T remote/telemetry antenna (1)
  • RA01TL remote/telemetry antenna (2)
  • RG cable, 150mm (1)
  • Bind plug (1)
  • Operating guide


JR – JRPR03495 – RG831BP 8CH Power Bus DMSS Receiver

  • Heavy duty power input leads with Dean’s Ultra connector provide constant voltage to the servos in power-hungry, high-current demand setups
  • Built-in electric soft switch fails ‘on’, eliminating risk of losing power in the event of switch failure
  • JR’s patented Intelligent Output System (IOS) which sends data from all channels as one complete signal frame, eliminating lag.
  • Supports real-time telemetry data
  • Cross-modulation restricted; robust DMSS link is highly resistant to noise from FHSS or DSSS modulation transmitters and other RF noise
  • Includes RA01T remote/telemetry antenna
  • Dual, built-in bi-directional coaxial antennas
  • Failsafe support on all channels
  • Status condition LEDs
  • Compact, lightweight (30g) design
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JR – JRPR03495 – RG831BP 8CH Power Bus DMSS Receiver

  • Type:Full-range receiver
  • Channel Count:8
  • Modulation:DMSS (Dual Modulation Spread Spectrum)
  • Band:2.4GHz
  • Case Type:Hard plastic
  • Length:1.87 in (47.5mm)
  • Width:1.29 in (32.0mm)
  • Height:0.55 in (14.0mm)
  • Weight:1.06 oz (30 g)
  • Voltage Range:4.0–8.5V
  • Antenna Length:150mm


JR – JRPR03495 – RG831BP 8CH Power Bus DMSS Receiver

The new RG831BP 8-channel DMSS receiver is a new step forward in receiver technology for JR. This receiver combines the benefits of a power buss receiver with the compact design of our other DMSS receivers. Ideal for small gas or large electric airplanes, the heavy-duty 18 AWG pwer leads with Dean’s Ultra connector will provide constant voltage even in high-current applications such as extreme 3D flight. As an added layer of safety, the RG831BP features a built-in soft switch designed to fail ‘on’ so that should the switch fail in flight, power to the receiver will not be interrupted.

Compared to other high-current receivers, the RG831BP features dual receivers integrated into the unit for true redundancy in a smaller footprint with greater flexibility. Furthermore, this receiver utilizes JR’s robust DMSS modulation system that combines attribute from both DSSS and FHSS modulation into a wide-band transmission system with high-speed response and high resistance to RF noise. Also unique to DMSS is JR’s Intelligent Output System (IOS), which automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted simultaneously and delivers the data as one complete signal frame. IOS ensures there is no time delay when commanding servos used for critical functions such as a CCPM swashplate on a helicopter or with an aircraft with multiple servos ganged on a single control surface. This gives a stronger connection in flight and can reduce wear on components, keeping your model flying better, longer.

Not only does this receiver listen, but it talks back as well. DMSS is a bi-directional communication system that delivers real-time telemetry information. Receiver voltage telemetry is standard with every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors are available to monitor nearly every metric vital to the operation of your model.

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Dimensions 2 x 2 x 3 cm


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